DIY Photography Class for New Parents

Learn to Photograph Your Baby at Home

Hi friends!  I'm Leah Severson and I've been photographing newborn babies in Central Indiana for nearly 20 years.

I know a lot of new parents are stuck at home with their newborn because of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Most newborn photographers in the United States are not currently working because of this situation.  If you're a parent with a new baby, you might just have to take your own newborn pictures yourself.

So I thought "what if I could show new parents step-by-step how to photograph their own babies at home, with no special equipment or props?"

And that's how this series was born.  It's not high tech.  It's me in my home, my husband is recording with his Iphone, and I'm taking you step-by-step through the most popular newborn poses, teaching you how to do them well - and safely!   

I'll teach you

  • How to find fabrics that photograph well
  • How to turn household items - like dry rice, aluminum foil, and cornhole bags - to create the perfect newborn poses
  • How to use windows to perfectly light your newborn photoshoot
  • The best time to photograph your newborn baby
  • How to calm a baby who starts getting fussy in the middle of your baby photoshoot
  • How to pose baby

Of course, I highly recommend that if at all possible, you hire a professional newborn photographer.  But if you are currently required to social distance because of the Corona virus, or you simply can't afford to hire a professional newborn photographer, this tutorial will help you get the most out of your at-home home newborn photoshoot.

I'll Show You Step-by-Step How to Photograph Your New Baby!

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    DIY Newborn Baby Photoshoot

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Let's Get Started!

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