Are You Stuck on How to Market Your Photography Business?

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Step-by-Step Instructions to Optimize Your Website


For me it has meant the difference between continuing to run a successful, financially stable portrait business or getting a j.o.b. 

In my DIY SEO class, you’ll learn… 

  • How to find the perfect keywords for your business
  • How to excel at on-page Search Engine Optimization 
  • How to build backlinks that work 
  • How to optimize your blog posts 
  • How to optimize graphics and pictures on your website 
  • How to make the most of citations and business directories 
  • How to get your pictures and graphics on Google Images 
  • How to optimize your Google My Business listing

I have my photos displayed in more than 20 doctor's offices and businesses

I can teach you how to do it too.

I'll take you step-by-step through the process of displays.  Don't worry - it's not as scary as you think.  

I'll tell you every little thing I know about getting displays and making them work for you.  

After all, it's not just about putting pictures up on the wall and going away.  Pretty pictures on the wall are just the first step in the process.  I'll share the rest of the steps as well, including the part of the process that gets clients to call.  

This class includes...

-The exact letter I use to get doctor's office displays.

-How to market through doctor's offices when a display is not possible.

-How to work with other businesses in your genre like baby boutiques, toy stores, etc. to bring clients in.

-How to make your business card work for you.  Again - pretty pictures alone will not bring them in!

Market Like a Mother!

The BEST Referral Marketing System for Photographers

Your clients want to help you.  I promise you they do!  But many times they just don't know how.

In my "Market Like a Mother" class you'll learn all the best ways to get your clients to market your business for you, in a way that feels great for everyone!

I'll show you the tools I use to get them to share my business with friends and family - both online and offline.

Are You Ready to Get SERIOUS About Marketing Your Business?

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course: DIY SEO

  • 2

    Market Like a Mother: Referral Marketing for Photographers

    • MLM Intro

    • MLM Lesson 1

    • MLM Lesson 2

    • MLM Lesson 3

    • MLM Lesson 4

    • MLM Lesson 5

    • MLM Lesson 6

    • MLM Lesson 7

    • MLM Lesson 8

    • MLM Lesson 9

    • MLM Lesson 10

    • MLM Lesson 11

    • MLM Lesson 12

    • MLM Lesson 14

    • MLM Lesson 15

    • MLM Lesson 13

    • MLM Lesson 18

    • MLM Lesson 17

    • MLM Lesson 19

    • MLM Lesson 16

    • MLM Lesson 20

  • 3

    Display Marketing for Photographers

    • Display Marketing for Photographers-Lesson

  • 4

    Google My Business Optimization

    • Why Your Google My Business Page Matters

    • How to Claim Your Google My Business Listing

    • How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

    • Why Your Google My BUsi

    • How to Create Posts on your Google My Business Page

    • Google My Business Questions & Answers